Our Purpose

Goduko's mission is to humanize the workplace through a collaborative development approach. It enables organizations to connect their talents, achieve lasting relational cohesion and economic success.

Who "we" are

The Founder : Isabelle Kolish-Dufresne

Team Experience Strategist, CHRP

Isabelle is an inspired entrepreneur who has combined her passion for people with her 10+ years’ experience in HR working in small, medium and large companies.

Today, she works as an independent consultant through her brand GODUKO, which comes from a simple acronym: GO, as in a call to action, DU as in Dufresne, and KO as in Kolish.

Through her ability to connect people, she has developed and designed her own methods to support managers and teams in rising up to their challenges with employee retention, attraction and engagement.

In collaboration with partners who's values are aligned with those of Goduko.

Business Values

Collaboration : to go far, we go together

Courage : do what's right, not what's easy or fast

Trust : we build our relationship on trust, otherwise we've got nothing to build on

Fun : we work seriously yet don't take ourselves too seriously ;-P


Goduko offers different types of conferences, workshops and business consulting services. View what's currently available or ask for something more customized.

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