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Learning & Development

In person Training

Our in person training formulas can be adapted to each company: L&L; team-based learning blocks; half-day workshops... Our team creates constructive training sessions that aim to provide concrete tools by developing popular themes or by designing tailor-made workshops.

Online Workshops

Our online group workshops consist of lectures, practical team exercises and individual work. Thanks to our video tools, digital documents, workbooks, Keynote presentations, as well as e-learning software, the learning experience is dynamic and engaging.

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Coaching for Leaders and Employees

Coaching is an individualized development process aimed at improving the quality of personal and/or professional life. This accompaniment allows the coachee to self-orient themself, to bring elements to consciousness and to face challenges by taking action. From the development of leadership skills to the improvement of interpersonal relationships, coaching is a high-impact tool to accompany change.

The conditions for success are validated throughout the process, amongst them are : a partnership relationship between coach and coachee, a real desire to take responsibility for one's challenges and to face them.

HR Consulting

Our consulting services aim to prioritize your human challenges, while providing your employees and leaders a space where they can exchange and reflect.

Our team intervenes, among other things, to :

  • Establish organizational and HR function diagnostics

  • Adapt HR practices to Working from Home (WFH)

  • Develop interpersonal relationships between leaders and employees and foster team cohesion.

  • Accompany performance management and foster a culture for feedback and development

  • Define the right strategies for in-person and remote recruitment (interview structure, tools, process and practices)

  • Develop an onboarding and integration program for new hires

  • Optimize employee engagement

  • Prevent voluntary departures and increase employee retention

Part Time HR Business Partner

It's sometimes difficult to offer an HR service that meets a SME's aspirations. Management can notice a disconnect between the human experience it wants to offer to its employees, from the one it actually provides.

At the same time, the management team needs to develop its HR knowledge and skills while ensuring daily operations. It's necessary to develop good reflexes even when the organization does not yet have the capacity to have its own HR department.

Goduko offers an external Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) service. Our collaborative approach makes it possible to transform the "HR nightmare into an efficient and pleasant reality". We help our clients increase their autonomy and competency in HR. By doing so, they are able to integrate good practices to their operations in their own way.

Goduko's philosophy advocates that the HR hat is part of every individual's wardrobe in an organization - however, this hat is not the same size depending on your role, and is not worn at the same frequency. Human management is a collective affair, so our partnership takes the form of coaching and teaching with leaders, managers, and employees.

Our services may be eligible for Emploi-Québec grants for companies using external HR consulting and training. A client can get up to 50% of invoices reimbursed.

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