Services for Individuals


Coaching is an individualized development process aimed at improving the quality of personal and/or professional life. This accompaniment allows the coachee to self-orient themself, to bring elements to consciousness and to face challenges by taking action. From the development of leadership skills to the improvement of interpersonal relationships, coaching is a high-impact tool to accompany change.

The conditions for success are validated throughout the process, amongst them are : a partnership relationship between coach and coachee, a real desire to take responsibility for one's challenges and to face them.

Examples of issues that can be addressed in coaching :

  • Stress and anxiety management, or negative emotions in general

  • Assertiveness and extroversion

  • Decision-making and how to make choices

  • Career guidance and professional orientation

  • Navigating change

  • Interpersonal communication

Preparing for Job Interviews

Whether you are actively or passively looking for work, we can help you with the following needs :

  • Revision and/or writing of your resume, cover letter, etc.

  • Stress management related to the different steps of a recruitment process

  • Simulated telephone and in-person interviews

  • Practice of answering typical questions

  • General education, tips & tricks on job interview process, with or without recruiting firm/headhunters